NK cell and cancer cell




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Understanding viruses_Front pageVirus_sn-hepatitis


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'Monitoring discontinuities' by Simon Bradbrook, inspired by the Review on p764.







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Book chapters

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Kupiec_Cover_La vie et alors

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Couv_Fonctions des organismes aux artefacts

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Tout et parties

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  • Co-direction, avec Jean Gayon, de deux volumes de la collection « Textes clés » sur la Philosophie de la Biologie (traductions inédites des grands textes classiques de la philosophie de la biologie), Paris,  Vrin.
  • Pradeu T. and Ferner A. (submitted), A Critique of animalism.
  • Truchetet M-E. and Pradeu T. (in prep) Robustness and tissue repair. For Seminars in Immunology.
  • Chiu L. and Pradeu T. (in prep.) Extension Arguments across the Biological Sciences.
  • Moreau JF and Pradeu T. (in prep.) The essential role of immune mobility in the transition to multicellularity.
  • Lemoine M. and Pradeu T. (in prep.) Defining pathological disorders.